What Type of Cosmetic Dentistry Work Should I Get?

Cosmetic dentistry is a general term for any type of dental work that corrects and enhances your smile. It’s a combination of art and science that’s designed to give you self-confidence and, in many cases, change your life. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just fixing a broken tooth or making your teeth whiter. Your entire face, and other factors, must be taken into account in order to give you the best, most natural smile.

Cosmetic procedures range from simple whitening to veneers, crowns, gum recontouring and many others. So how will you know what treatments you’ll need to transform your smile from dull or damaged to beautiful and natural-looking? Read on!

Free Cosmetic Consultation

Your dentist should offer a free cosmetic consultation. This consultation is geared toward helping you understand the different procedures available and guide you to choosing what you need in order to achieve the smile you want. In this consultation the doctor will learn about you and your goals for a beautiful smile. He’ll take digital pictures of your smile and show you before and after photos of patients that have gone through different types of cosmetic dentistry.

After evaluating your smile, the doctor will describe the treatment options that will give you the most aesthetic and functional benefits. He’ll explain each option so that you will completely understand how it works, what will happen during the procedure and what outcome you can expect. The doctor will match up treatments with your goals. He’ll answer any questions you may have about anything.

What Cosmetic Procedures are Available?

There are many procedures included in cosmetic dentistry. The treatments you receive will depend on your oral and physical health, the present condition of your teeth and gums and your budget. Each patient is different, so each treatment plan is tailor-made. If your teeth have yellowed, you may only need teeth whitening. However, you may need veneers and teeth whitening if your teeth are chipped and yellowed. The doctor will explain everything to you and work with you to create the best treatment plan for your smile makeover.

Here are some of the conditions that cosmetic dentistry can correct, and the procedures used to fix them:

  • If your teeth have stains or are yellow, in-office and take-home whitening can bring the brightness back to your smile. Veneers can also help with this.
  • If some of your teeth are chipped or broken, veneers can give your teeth a new look. Dental bonding is another solution. Bonding is less expensive than veneers, but not as long-lasting.
  • If your teeth are small or misshapen, dental bonding is a good solution. Veneers can also help correct this issue.
  • If there are spaces between your teeth, bonding or veneers can correct this.
  • If you have a “gummy” smile, gum recontouring is a perfect solution. Excess gum tissue can be removed, exposing the correct amount of tooth.
  • If you have a missing tooth, the best option is a dental implant with a crown. This is the closest option to a natural tooth.

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