Porcelain Crowns in Santa Clara

Dentist with Patient

Dr. Khetani provides natural-looking and durable crowns to restore decayed or broken-down teeth.

Natural-looking, Beautiful Crowns

porcelain CrownsA dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that fits over a natural tooth or on top of a dental implant. It is used to restore a tooth that is decayed or broken-down, or to replace a tooth that is missing. It can also be used to cosmetically change the shape, color or length of a tooth. Crowns are designed to look like real teeth and can be made from a variety of materials, depending on the amount of strength needed.

Dr. Khetani provides all-porcelain and ultra-durable ceramic crowns that are very lifelike and aesthetic. She is meticulous in designing and placing the crown so it looks completely natural and fits perfectly, and she is very gentle at every step of the procedure to guarantee a comfortable experience.

Our Durable, All-Ceramic Crowns

Dr. Khetani uses zirconia ceramic for dental crowns whenever possible. Zirconia is an ultra-strong, durable porcelain material that is among the latest advances in dental materials. It is highly resistant to chipping, cracking or breaking—it is so strong that it can even be used to restore molars for patients who clench or grind their teeth.

Zirconia is also very lifelike and can be easily shade-matched to your other teeth for a completely natural look.

Our Crowns Procedure

doctor showing shade matching guide

Dr. Khetani uses a shade guide to select the right color for the new crown.

Our crowns procedure usually takes two visits. In the first visit, Dr. Khetani will gently trim down and reshape your tooth so the crown can fit over it. She will also take full impressions of your teeth and bite, which she will use in designing the new crown. Dr. Khetani takes great care to create accurate impressions so that the new crown will fit perfectly and have all the right dimensions. The impressions are then sent to our dental lab, where your crown will be crafted according to the doctor’s exact specifications.

Dr. Khetani will place an immediate temporary crown for you to wear while your final crown is being fabricated. When your final crown is ready, Dr. Khetani will place it over your prepared tooth and make any final adjustments needed to ensure it fits perfectly and results in a good bite.

When Crowns Are Used

Crowns are mainly used in the following situations:

  • To repair and protect a damaged or decayed tooth
  • To act as a replacement tooth on top a dental implant
  • To cover a tooth and protect it from fracture after root canal therapy
  • To correct bite misalignment
  • To cosmetically correct misshapen or discolored teeth (in cases where a veneer is not recommended)

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