What to Do If You Need to See a Dentist on Saturday

Since dental work can often be unpredictable in terms of how much time it will take, making a dental appointment during the time you normally work can become really problematic. This is particularly true if you have a fixed schedule Monday to Friday and work for someone other than yourself.

This becomes magnified if your first appointment is an exam and subsequent appointments will involve actual treatment. Treatment times are fairly predictable for some things, but there are always variable that no one could have anticipated that can creep into any appointment.

One solution that has become more and more prevalent is going to a dentist who is open on Saturdays. So, what do you do if that is what you need? How do you know who you should see?

Since most people want to have some idea of who they are going to before setting the appointment, this admittedly takes a bit of research. But that is not really very hard given the internet. Finding the data is at least not a completely blind grope.

First you should make up a list of those dentists who advertise that they are open Saturdays. This is simple internet search. Next would be determining their hours to see if they are open for an extended period of time. They should be open for more than 4 hours, as dental offices open only 4 hours on Saturday are usually only taking a few spillover cases and do not have a full crew on board to take care of whatever you might need.

Does the practitioner give a full description of their various services? Do they have a full staff on board to handle anything that may come up? Do they answer the phone when they say they are open? Checking these things out, even with phone calls, is well worth the effort. It prevents many unpleasant surprises.

Now if that all checks out, it would be good to visit the place if you can if the appointment is not immediate. This lets you get a “feel” for the place, which says a lot all by itself. Are the staff friendly? Is it easy for you to get info from them? Are they willing to work with you on your terms?

Finally, are they easily to get to? Is there parking that is free and ample?

Dr. Jigna Khetani is a Santa Clara dentist who has made it one of her priorities to make herself available for full-service, full-schedule dentistry every Saturday. She knows how difficult it can be for many people to make it work during the week. Providing full care on Saturdays makes it possible for patients who would otherwise put off appointments to get what they need in a timely and efficient manner.

She has a complete website that describes everything she does, and her office is conveniently located at the Santa Clara Town Center – 2096 El Camino Real. Parking is quite ample, and her new patient full exam is only $49 to make it easy to get to know her and find out what she can do for you.

Our office welcomes visitors as well as new patients, and we will gladly answer any of your questions when you come to see us. We look forward to making your Saturday dental visits pleasant, comfortable and productive.