Giving back to the Community is always so satisfying…especially when its little kids !

We ended the month of March with a visit to the Child Development Center at De Anza College in Cupertino. Thanks to the administrative staff and teachers of the Center we were able to get this opportunity to talk and teach some to the young minds of our community the importance of taking care of their teeth and developing a beautiful smile. Dr. Jigna Khetani and her assistant spoke to the kids using fun toys and props to help them understand proper dental care and hygiene. De Anza College, #DeAnzaChildDevelopmentCenter,
A small excerpt from the class newsletter
“Dr. Jigna Khetani came to our large group time and spoke with the children about proper dental care. The children learned that there are some foods that are healthy for teeth and others that can damage their teeth. They also learned the proper way to brush (in a circular motion), and that it is important for them to brush each tooth thoroughly at least twice a day so that they don’t get cavities. Jigna gave each child a dental bag with a toothbrush, dental floss, toothpaste, and pen inside! You can find your child’s bag in their art folder which is located right outside our classroom door.”
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Proper dental care is more than wanting to have pearly whites in a beautiful smile. It is extremely important to make sure we are taking care of our teeth. Teeth show our smiles, they break down food for us to swallow, and help us talk. Teaching children about the importance of proper dental care is critical at young ages. It is when teeth are just beginning to develop, grow and are most vulnerable. Developing proper dental care habits early will help ensure children will grow up with healthy and beautiful smiles. Educating children can be fun and easy with rewarding results. A visit to the dentist at a young age is just as equally important as getting a routine physical for a child. Dental health translates to the overall health of our body and hence starting early on is the best way to go.