How to Find a Good Dentist in Santa Clara

With so many dentists in Santa Clara and the surrounding towns here in Silicon Valley, how do you find a good one? And how do you know you are making a good choice before you even see them?

Well, the yellow pages were the old way of searching out a dentist, though that is not used much any more, and often there was no data or just some stiff advertisement with an offer. And then there is getting a recommendation from someone you know. But what if you don’t have any recommendations, or the ones you are getting are given without much enthusiasm or conviction?

That pretty much leaves the internet.  And on that note, it would be very good to know some things to look for online so you can figure out who is a good bet to go see.

Let’s start with their website. Is the website clean and professional? A practitioner with a slapped-together website that does not say much and/or has no pictures is not a matter of having no money. It’s a matter of having no care. A clean and decent-looking website can now be done for very little, and anyone living here knows that.

So let’s assume the website is at least presentable. You should really look it over and see what the website communicates. The following are all things to look for:

  • Does the website really describe what the dentist offers in terms of services?
  • Are the services well explained and are the descriptions easy to understand?
  • Are there good pictures of the doctor and the staff and the parts of the office so you can “see” everyone?
  • Is the doctor friendly and relaxed? (you can’t fake this – the pictures say a lot)
  • Does the doctor explain their philosophy of how they practice?
  • Does the doctor give back to the community as a volunteer?
  • Does the office offer reasonable prices for a first exam so it is easy for you to try them and get to get to know everyone?
  • Does the website have testimonials from happy patients that give their story of their experience?

If you can answer all the above with a resounding “yes”, then it is a very good bet you are going to visit a doctor who really cares about their patients and does right by them. They are definitely worth the risk to go see.

Dr. Khetani is a Santa Clara dentist who has laid out everything she can do for patients on our website so you know exactly what to expect when you come see us. You can see her bio and find out all about her years of service and charitable giving. And best of all, you can see for yourself what our patients have to say about her caring approach and quality of service.

If you like what you see, then call us up for a comprehensive exam. At only $49, we’ve made it easy to gain your confidence.