Dentures in Santa Clara

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Durable and Natural-Looking Dentures

Dr. Khetani provides high-quality custom full and partial dentures as well as denture relines and repairs. She is very experienced in providing durable and natural-looking dentures that function well and bring back your full smile.

Types of Dentures We Offer

  • Full denturesFull dentures

    Traditional full-plate dentures replace an entire arch of missing teeth. The upper arch denture has a false palate which provides structural support and helps keep the denture in position. Dr. Khetani provides dentures that are well-fitting, natural-looking and durable.

  • Partial dentures

    partial denturesTraditional partial dentures are made out of a strong acrylic material and are secured in place with biocompatible metal clasps that grip around the adjacent teeth.

  • No-metal partial dentures

    No-metal partial denturesNo-metal partial dentures are a more natural-looking and comfortable alternative to partial dentures with metal attachment clasps. Dr. Khetani provides Valplast® no-metal partials that are made from a strong, flexible nylon that is very resistant to breaking. They adapt well to the constant movements in the mouth and look very natural. They additionally come with a lifetime guarantee against fracture or breakage.

  • Relines and repairs

    Reline and repair denturesWe can reline your denture or repair it so it is fully functional again.

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