Children’s Dentistry in Santa Clara

Children's Dentisry

Dr. Khetani is experienced in treating children and provides comfortable, gentle dentistry for them.

Comfortable and Friendly Dentistry for Children

Dr. Khetani is a skilled family dentist and is experienced in treating patients of all ages. When it comes to young patients, she takes great care to ensure that they have a comfortable experience at the dentist. Herself a mother of two children, she approaches kids in a warm and friendly manner and makes sure that they understand what is happening, so they can feel at ease about receiving treatment.

Experienced, friendly care

Dr. Khetani has been practicing dentistry since 2003 and is very experienced in treating children. She takes the time needed to make them comfortable and explains everything simply so they can easily understand what is going to be done and do not develop a fear of the dentist.

She often lets the child touch and hold safe implements and small pieces of equipment before using them in treatment, so the child can get familiar with them and becomes less apprehensive. We take care of children from the time they can easily understand and talk about what is being done, which is usually at about five years old.

Making the environment fun

Dentist with child

To make going to the dentist fun, our reception area has a kids’ corner with books and toys.

We make sure children feel at home in our office. In our waiting area, we have a kid’s corner with toys and books, and there is a TV available for them to watch age-appropriate shows. We also have TVs in every operatory, and Dr. Khetani will let your child watch shows on the screen during treatment so they can be more calm and receptive to what is going on.

Our Gentle Services for Children

Below are some of the main children’s services we offer:

Gentle teeth cleanings

Good oral health requires regular dental cleanings. Dr. Khetani provides very gentle and thorough cleanings for kids.


Dr. Khetani can use dental sealants to help prevent cavities. A dental sealant is a plastic-like coating material placed over the pits and grooves in your child’s teeth. The sealant acts as a protective guard against bacteria and helps prevent tooth decay.

Fluoride treatments

Dr. Khetani can administer a fluoride treatment which will make your child’s teeth more resistant to the corrosive acids that attack tooth enamel. These acids usually come from bacteria and sugars in the mouth.


In case of cavities, Dr. Khetani fills teeth gently and in a way that does not make your child uncomfortable.

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