Warning Signs You’re Losing Shut-eye to Sleep Apnea

Do you routinely catch yourself dozing off in the afternoon? Does your partner constantly complain about your snoring? Are you feeling like you just aren’t sleeping well at night, even though you can’t remember tossing or turning? If so, you may be suffering from a common but underdiagnosed problem known as obstructive sleep apnea.   What […]

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  • September 13th 2018

Gum Disease — Do you have it? What can you do about it?

Gum disease is an infection in the tissues that support and surround your teeth. Bacteria eat away the tooth structure, the bone that supports the teeth and the gum tissue that surrounds the teeth. It is the major cause of adult tooth loss. The bacteria starts as a sticky film, called plaque. This plaque is […]

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  • October 9th 2017

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can be a very disruptive occurrence. Quite in addition to the pain that is often involved with them, they can also put one at risk of serious infection if not handled quickly. An URGENT emergency would be one which is causing extreme pain or is bleeding and does not clot after a short […]

What to Do and What Not to Do When Cleaning Your Teeth

Dr. Khetani is a Santa Clara dentist that emphasizes the need for proper home oral care in addition to regular dental cleanings to keep your teeth and gums in good shape. Both are actually needed to keep gum disease at bay. Many people think that cleaning their teeth at home is a simple affair that […]

What to Do If You Need to See a Dentist on Saturday

Since dental work can often be unpredictable in terms of how much time it will take, making a dental appointment during the time you normally work can become really problematic. This is particularly true if you have a fixed schedule Monday to Friday and work for someone other than yourself. This becomes magnified if your […]

How to Find a Good Dentist in Santa Clara

With so many dentists in Santa Clara and the surrounding towns here in Silicon Valley, how do you find a good one? And how do you know you are making a good choice before you even see them? Well, the yellow pages were the old way of searching out a dentist, though that is not […]

Giving back to the Community is always so satisfying…especially when its little kids !

We ended the month of March with a visit to the Child Development Center at De Anza College in Cupertino. Thanks to the administrative staff and teachers of the Center we were able to get this opportunity to talk and teach some to the young minds of our community the importance of taking care of […]

Chewing Sugarless Gum

Chewing sugarless gum has been shown to increase the flow of saliva, thereby reducing plaque acid, strengthening the teeth and reducing tooth decay. Look for a sugar-free gum that has earned the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. This means the product meets the safety and efficacy requirements for Sugar-free Chewing Gum.

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  • February 2nd 2017

Mouth Sores: Check your Symptoms and Signs

Think that blister on your lip may be a cold sore? Read this to find out. Learn about the diseases and conditions that may cause Moth Sores, and read about the medications used in treatment. Pinpoint your symptoms and signs with this MedicineNets Symptom Checker.

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  • February 2nd 2017